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a. cd usr 切换到该目录下usr目录  b. cd ../ 切换到上一层目录 / 切换到系统根目录  d. cd ~ 切换到用户主目录 e. cd - 切换到上一个所在目录 commond

  a.create directory commond

    mkdir  directory_name

  b.query directory

    ll or ls

  c.find directory commond

    find directory parameter

    eg   find /root associate with test directory   find /root -name 'test*'

  d.modify directory name

     mv  old_directory_name   new_directory_name

  e.move directory location

       mv   directory_name   directory_location 

                 mv  test  /usr

  f.copy directory

    cp  -r  /usr/copy_directory    /temp/copy_to_directory

   g.delete  directory

             rm -rf  directory   or  rm -r directory

3.file  manipulate

  a.create file commond

    touch  file_name.txt file  commond

    cat file_name.txt    show finally screen

    more file_name.txt   exit  press q

    less file_name.txt    pagedown  pageup   exit with q

    tail -10 file_name.txt   show last ten  exit ctrl + c

  c.modify file content

    vi  a.txt   entry  i/o/a   exit and keep  esc  + : + wq  exit and nokeep  esc+:+q+!

4.compression manipulate file commond

  a.packing and compression files

    tar  after(packing_and_compressing_file_name)   packing_file

    tar  -zcvf  name.tar.gz  a.txt b.txt c.txt  or  tar -zcvf  name.tar.fz  /test/*

      z  use gizp commond compressing  c packing_file   v view_complier_process  f  point_file_name

  b.decompression commond

    tar -xvf  name.tar.gz     x   stand_for_decompression

    tar -xvf  name.tar.gz   -C  /usr     -C  indicate_unzip_location

5.other commond current location

    pwd character in file commond

    grep  character_in_file  sudo.conf

    grep  character sudo.conf  --color   default  color is red

  c.pipe commond

    pipe commond is  before output comm  ond as current directory input  commond

    ps -ef | grep system all process process with character system

  d.look process

    ps -ef

  e.kill process

    kil -9 pid  pid is find from  ps -ef communication commond

    1.look up current network card information


    2.query communication information

      ping ip_address  

    3.check current system ports use information

      netstat -an




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