Oracle GoldenGate常用参数详解(六)
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d by an Extract on the same system.

PASSTHRU |      Controls whether tables will be processed by a data-pump Extract in pass-through mode or whether data definitions will be required
NOPASSTHRU      禁止extract与数据库交互,适用于Data Pump传输进程(dpeXX)。
             NOPASSTHRU普通模式可以配置表名列名自定义映射,可以加FILTER、transformation等,需要配置一个数据定义文件(data-definitions file)
RMTTASK                Creates a processing task on a remote system.

SOURCEISTABLE          Extracts entire records from source tables.

SPECIALRUN            Specifies a one-time processing task that does not checkpoint from run to run.

VAM                    Indicates that a Teradata Access Module (TAM) is being used to provide transactional data to the Extract process.

(3)数据库登陆Database login

SOURCEDB          Specifies the data source as part of the login information.

USERID            Specifies database connection information.

[SOURCEDB,] USERID ,PASSWORD    指定所要登陆的数据库名称,用户名和密码。对于oracle无需指定sourcedb,直接指定用户名和密码即可。
                                Userid goldengate, password goldengate

(4)数据匹配和映射 Selecting and mapping data

ASCIITOEBCDIC        Converts ASCII text to EBCDIC for DB2 on z/OS systems running UNIX System Services.

COLMATCH            Establishes global column-mapping rules.

NOCOMPRESSDELETES    Controls whether Oracle GoldenGate writes only the key or all columns to the trail for delete operations.

NOCOMPRESSUPDATES    Causes only primary key columns and changed columns to be logged for updates.

DDL                  Enables and filters the capture of DDL operations.

DDLSUBST            Enables string substitution in DDL processing.

FETCHOPTIONS        Controls certain aspects of the way that Oracle GoldenGate fetches data.
                    示例:FETCHOPTIONS NOUSESNAPSHOT    --不会从闪回日志中获取数据
                    --当使用了 HANDLECOLLISIONS 时,请使用该参数。复制进程出现丢失update记录(missing update)并且更新的是主键,update将转换成insert。由于插入的记录可能不是完整的行,若要保证完整需要加入此参数

GETDELETES | IGNOREDELETES              Controls the extraction of delete operations.是否复制delete操作,缺省复制

GETINSERTS | IGNOREINSERTS              Controls the extraction of insert operations.是否复制insert操作,缺省复制

GETTRUNCATES |IGNORETRUNCATES            Controls the extraction of truncate statements. 是否复制truncate操作,缺省不复制.

GETUPDATEAFTERS | IGNOREUPDATEAFTERS    Controls the extraction of update after images.##是否在队列中写入后影像,缺省复制

GETUPDATEBEFORES |IGNOREUPDATEBEFORES    Controls the extraction of update before images.是否在队列中写入前影像,缺省不复制



Oracle GoldenGate常用参数详解(六)

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