Oracle 使用RMAN 将 DB 从10g 直接 Restore 到11g 示例(二)
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Tags:Oracle 使用 RMAN 10g 直接 Restore 11g 示例


--> background_dump_dest 11.1 DEPRECATED replaced by "diagnostic_dest"

--> user_dump_dest 11.1 DEPRECATED replaced by "diagnostic_dest"



Components: [The following databasecomponents will be upgraded or installed]


--> Oracle Catalog Views [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle Packages and Types [upgrade] VALID

--> JServer JAVA Virtual Machine[upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle XDK for Java [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle Workspace Manager [upgrade] VALID

--> OLAP Analytic Workspace [upgrade] VALID

--> OLAP Catalog [upgrade] VALID

--> EM Repository [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle Text [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle XML Database [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle Java Packages [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle interMedia [upgrade] VALID

--> Spatial [upgrade] VALID

--> Data Mining [upgrade] VALID

--> Expression Filter [upgrade] VALID

--> Rule Manager [upgrade] VALID

--> Oracle OLAP API [upgrade] VALID



Miscellaneous Warnings


WARNING: --> Database is using atimezone file older than version 14.

.... After the release migration, it isrecommended that DBMS_DST package

.... be used to upgrade the timezone version

.... to the latest version which comes withthe new release.

WARNING: --> EM Database ControlRepository exists in the database.

.... Direct downgrade of EM DatabaseControl is not supported. Refer to the

.... Upgrade Guide for instructions to savethe EM data prior to upgrade.

WARNING: --> Your recycle bin is turnedon and currently contains no objects.

.... Because it is REQUIRED that therecycle bin be empty prior to upgrading

.... and your recycle bin is turned on, youmay need to execute the command:


.... prior to executing your upgrade toconfirm the recycle bin is empty.





Oracle recommends gathering dictionarystatistics prior to

upgrading the database.

To gather dictionary statistics execute thefollowing command

while connected as SYSDBA:

EXECUTE dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats;


Oracle recommends reviewing any definedevents prior to upgrading.

To view existing non-default events executethe following commands

while connected AS SYSDBA:


SELECT (translate(value,chr(13)||chr(10),' ')) FROM sys.v$parameter2

WHERE UPPER(name) ='EVENT'AND isdefault='FALSE'

Trace Events:

SELECT (translate(value,chr(13)||chr(10),' ')) from sys.v$parameter2


Changes will need to be made in theinit.ora or spfile.




SQL> @ /rdbms/admin/utlu112


Oracle 使用RMAN 将 DB 从10g 直接 Restore 到11g 示例(二)

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