Google Go Programming In Eclipse(一)
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Google Go Programming In Eclipse

  • The new “Go” programming language is from Google co.It has many features better then other languages.
  • Go language features are:-

            – High Speed Compilation             – Type and Memory safety             – Concurrency             – Efficient Garbage Collection

  • The Windows MSI Installer can be downloaded from the link:-


  • The Eclipse Plugin Update for Go programming Languages are downloaded from link:-

  • In this Demo ,We will see a Go programming in Eclipse Environment”.
  • After Updating Go plugin in Eclipse, we can set Go Configuration in Eclipse,
  • Create a new Go Project “GoLanguageDemo”  in Eclipse.
  • A Google Go  project has these options,
  •  The Go project structure in Eclipse,
  •  Lets Create a Go Program Listening to PORT no “9090”.Let the file name is do_demo.go file.Now The project Will look like,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  • The  do_demo.go file,                

Google Go Programming In Eclipse(一)

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